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Dream Holiday

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Target: £5,000

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to the child in need.

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You Can Help Change Annabelle's Future.

In 2019 Annabelle’s parents were told that their perfectly healthy daughter had a large brain tumour. The worst nightmare for any parent. Two days later Annabelle underwent a gruelling 10 hour surgery to remove a large brain tumour. Following the surgery Annabelle suffered Posterior Fossa Syndrome, causing her to be completely paralysed. Unable to move or speak and spent 3 days in intensive care.

Fortunately Annabelle’s health has greatly improved and the Neurologist has said she is likely to be as recovered as much as she is going to now. She has been left with damage to a nerve in her eye requiring her to wear a patch and has balance and coordination problems, a left side weakness due to the paralysis and sickness every morning. She also struggles to process her emotions and gets overwhelmed quite easily. Going forward she will have yearly scans to monitor her brain and look for any regrowth. It has been a long road and she is doing incredibly well.

The Dorset Children’s Foundation are very honoured to be an official wish giving charity for Give Kids The World (GKTW) which is a non-profit ‘story book’ resort in central Florida, where children with life threatening illnesses and their families are treated to a week-long fantastic holiday. Each day offers an amazing experience. Parents see their children smiling and laughing – things that they haven’t done in weeks, months, even years. We would love to have the funds to send Annabelle and her family to make special memories that last longer than a lifetime. Please donate what you can so we can give them a dream holiday.

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You can volunteer, host an event or even take part in a challenge. However you want to help we have a role for you.



Setting up a monthly regular donation is very simple and really helps support our work.



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