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Beach Wheelchair

Fundraising for:

Beach Wheelchair

Amount needed:

Target: £4,000

100% of your donation goes
to the child in need.

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You Can Help Make A Difference.

The Dorset Children’s Foundation is absolutely passionate about being able to get local disabled children to our beautiful local beaches so that they can enjoy them just as able bodied children do. If we could lend Beach Wheelchairs to our families it would enable the children to be pushed into the water and get their feet wet, be pushed along the sand and have a lovely day out like their friends and not be restricted to the promenade, watching other children having fun.

Please support us and let our children access our beautiful beach.

Donate Now


You can volunteer, host an event or even take part in a challenge. However you want to help we have a role for you.


Setting up a monthly regular donation is very simple and really helps support our work.


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