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You Can Help Change Elizabeths Future.

When it is safe to do so, we would love to be able to give brave Elizabeth and her family something to look forward to: a lovely treat, perhaps a little holiday.

Elizabeth lives with her Mummy Charlie, Mummy’s fiance Matthew, and little brothers’ Michael and Jack, and spends Sundays with her Daddy Dan, Daddy’s partner Jess, and her baby sister Roxy.
Elizabeth is battling with a rare form of reoccuring cancer under her eye for the 3rd time, and very sadly, in order to prevent it returning and potentially spreading, the difficult decision was taken to remove her eye completely.
During an operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital on Tuesday 14th April 2020, beautiful Elizabeth lost her right eye, and surrounding tissue, and is currently in hospital recovering from the life changing procedure.
Elizabeth is just 8 years old but is truly an amazing human and already one of the strongest, most optimistic people anybody would ever have the privilege to meet. During the lead up to her operation she spent time designing her own eye-patches to keep positive!

At her young age, she is already used to being in and out of hospital for operations and many many scans.
This time, however, it’s the hardest thing she’s ever had to go through, and Elizabeth and her family will be massively grateful for all the help and support they can get.

The day after the operation, Elizabeth was feeling understandably a bit overwhelmed and low, as well as feeling the physical effects of the operation, but after a reasonably good night’s sleep and with her mummy being there for her every second, today she is feeling a little better.
She wanted to share this beautiful picture to thank everyone for their support, which her mum has explained was a really big step for her.

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You can volunteer, host an event or even take part in a challenge. However you want to help we have a role for you.



Setting up a monthly regular donation is very simple and really helps support our work.



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