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Specialist Therapy

Amount needed:

Target: £2,000

100% of your donation goes
to the child in need.

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You Can Help Change Harri's Future.

Harri age 3, is a happy, sociable boy who loves people, animals, chocolate and books, TV remote controls and mobile phones and is so loved by all who know him. He has Bilateral Spastic Cerebral Palsy which causes him to have difficulty with his balance, coordination and movement in all his limbs.

Harri doesn’t talk yet but does know some sign language and can get very emotional and frustrated because he can’t express himself. He finds it difficult to deal with his emotions and gets very upset whenever people leave. He can sit up on his own, can stand for a few seconds and with a lot of effort can take the occasional unaided step before falling down.

Harri’s family would love to get him walking on his own, communicating, being able to play independently with other children and to attend a local school, but he needs extra help and support to be able to do these things.

We need funds for additional therapy for Harri (including Physiotherapy £85 an hour, Hydrotherapy £60 a session) and potentially fund an SDR operation to improve his mobility if it is not available on the NHS.

Please do give generously to support this special boy.

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You can volunteer, host an event or even take part in a challenge. However you want to help we have a role for you.



Setting up a monthly regular donation is very simple and really helps support our work.



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