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You Can Help Change William's Future.

William is 5 years old. When he was born it was discovered that the main arteries of his heart were the wrong way round which affected all his organs and sadly William suffered brain damage leaving him with a diagnosis of Global Developmental Delay – meaning all areas of his development are effected and progress is slow and limited.

In addition William suffers from Epilepsy and every seizure poses a risk of further brain damage and the loss of many of the skills he has worked so hard to master. Throughout all of this, William amazes everyone around him by the way he continues to try to be active and involved and smile.

We are raising money for a block of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, along with a pair of supportive splints, called DAFOs, to help his feet and ankles develop a good position for walking and moving.

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You can volunteer, host an event or even take part in a challenge. However you want to help we have a role for you.


Setting up a monthly regular donation is very simple and really helps support our work.


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