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We have started to run a range of inclusive events such as craft afternoons, all ability discos, soft play, wheelplay and family fun days.

Over the coming months we will be adding various opportunities such as ballet, dance, yoga, rebound, swimming, football, cricket and music. Thanks to the players of The Post Code Lottery  we are able to fund / heavily discount costs for these sessions.

"We hope to open a door of inclusion and accessibility and create a multi fold of opportunities for all."

Lisa Johnston | Patron and Mum of Kitty.


“Thank you for making small changes with big impact to the lives of some amazing young people! I know you know you do a great job but some things have a bigger affect than you realise Love you all xx”

Tanya May | William’s Mum


We have listened to our families and here’s what they want:

The opportunity to get together in a safe and inclusive environment and let their kids just be kids without judgement or disapproval.

Access and signposting to mental health support.

A platform of opportunities for their children to access a multitude of activities within our community.

Access to a parent led group that offers social and emotional support.

The Dorset Children’s Foundation Amazing Families - Facebook page

This is a private Facebook group offering social and emotional support where families can communicate with each other, share experiences (both good and bad) and offer support to each other.

Through this group parents meet up for coffee, drinks, meals out etc and friendships are formed.

We also signpost new families to this group where they can introduce themselves and get valuable advice and support for the journey ahead.


Lisa Johnston |

The DCF’S Accessible For All.

This group has been set up as a platform of opportunities for our little people to access a multitude of activities within our community.
Over the coming months we will be adding various sports opportunities for all to take part in.
This is a very exciting time for the DCF, we hope to provide our little people with as many wonderful memories, activities and opportunities to take part in every day sports!


Patsy Hallmey |
Amanda Sheppard |
Lisa Johnston |

Let’s Play (A DCF Group)

This was started by mum of Jenson, Emily Sutton and is aimed at getting some opportunities at local Dorset venues for our children to come together to play in an inclusive environment and parents can relax among friends.
This group has enjoyed a number of sessions such as soft play, wheelchair viewing for the Air Show, Ramp Rats and the types and activities on offer are growing.

Contact :

Emily Sutton |

Doors Open - The Sen Support Community.

This was founded and is run by Robyn Turton, mum of a SEN child who understands what a lonely and isolating journey this can be.
This parent support group offers advice, guidance, regular family events and meet ups.
This wonderful group has grown from 8 to over 100 families. The Dorset Children’s Foundation is very happy to offer financial support to ensure that their invaluable work continues.


Robyn Turton | 07391 933986

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