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Do You Need Our Help?

If you have a disabled child who needs our support please get in touch. We understand that asking for help can be very emotional but we promise you will be received with warmth and understanding.

Specialist Equipment

Therapy Treatment

Life Enriching Experiences

Medical Expenses

All applicants are dealt with respectfully and in a confidential and understanding way. The only reason the charity exists is to help improve the quality of life for your child.

We welcome applications from parents and carers, voluntary groups and charitable organisations. Applications can also be received through hospitals, schools, health professionals and medical practitioners. Personal applications are more than welcome, contact us via the website, give us a call or just pop into one of our shops.

To apply for financial support there is no need to fill in a form. We encourage face to face or phone contact as we believe in a personal approach. The charity purchases equipment, therapies or wishes directly rather than making financial grants to individuals and families.

After meeting with you and finding out how we can best support your child. We then start a fundraising campaign and supply posters, collection pots and JustGiving pages.

We have Parent Ambassadors who are available to talk to you on the phone or meet you for a coffee, they too have a disabled child and can understand how you feel. As a parent/carer you are important to us too. 


Your Fundraising Package

We believe in the personal touch so one of our lovely friendly team members will come and visit you in your own home (you don’t need to tidy up). With you we will identify how best we can help.

We understand that it is sometimes very difficult to ask for help, so we will try and make this as easy for you as possible. If there is an immediate need we will do everything we can to fulfil it in the shortest possible time.

We are a successful charity but small we do receive donations and grants but our funds are limited with so many children needing our help. We therefore ask you to actively participate in your child’s fundraising as your best resource is your: friends, family and local community.

With our expert help you will embark upon your own fundraising mission, safe in the knowledge that every penny you raise for your child is ringfenced just for them. The DCF then pay your bills for you from these funds.

We will:

  • Setup Fundraising Page.
  • Provide bespoke collection pots.
  • Provide fundraising posters for your campaign.
  • Communicate your campaign to our charity partners.
  • Promote your campaign on our website and across our Social Media.
  • Assist you in obtaining Fund Matching where possible.
  • Invite you to our events and any publicity photo shoots that we may have.
  • Advise on how to adhere to fundraising regulations.

The DCF is all about caring, so we will guide you every step of the way.

We welcome you into the Dorset Children Foundation’s family where you can meet parents in the same or similar situation.
We pride ourselves on being ‘Big enough to make a difference, small enough to care’



Jacob, aged 5, from Poole has cerebral palsy. His parents were told the devastating news that unless he had a specialist operation (SDR) he would become a full term wheelchair user.

Sadly this life changing operation is not covered by The NHS but with the help of our fantastic community & strangers doing amazing things like running 1000 miles, marathons and wing walks £37,000 was raised .

We are delighted to tell you that his operation was a great success and Jacob has now taken his very first unaided steps & those ‘strangers’ are now friends.

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