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We work with children and young people who have any form of disability, and their families, to support their physical and emotional needs, through a range of provisions.

What We Do

The DCF was set up to improve and enrich the lives of disabled young people and their families who are experiencing difficulties related to the impact of disability, including physical health, emotional strain, and social isolation through a range of provisions.

We provide:

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Specialist Equipment

We can help source and fundraise for wheelchairs, walkers, and other such disability aids.

Accessible For All

We offer our families a wide range of events and activities from football to dancing, and everything in between.



We have an in-house mental health advisor and offer a free counselling service to parents and primary carers.


Paddy's Purpose

A fun interactive educational initiative, designed to break down barriers & challenge how the world sees disability.


Life experiences

We also provide life enriching experiences for children and their families.


Family Support & Advice

we offer a range of services including advice and guidance regarding benefits, entitlements, plus a befriending service offering peer-to-peer support.

How We Work:

Our shops cover our overheads, so your donation will always go to the child in need and not on operational costs.

We enter into partnerships with local companies for support, both with fundraising and expertise.

We organise sponsorship by local companies for our events to maximise their profits.

We encourage others to fundraise for us in any way they can: cake sales, sponsored walks, for example.

We pro-actively work to raise our profile in Dorset by engaging with the local community using Social Media, local press and networking.

Visit each family to find out their needs are.

Apply for grants from Trusts and other charitable bodies.

Link parents, carers, and children together to form a vital support network.

Offer individuals the chance to take up a personal challenge for us: Marathons, Skydives, Wing Walks etc.

Partner with local schools to promote and educate on the needs of children living with disability.

Arrange fundraising events such as annual: Football Tournaments, Casino Nights and Comedy Shows.

You Can Change a Childs Future.


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