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Accessible For All Activities

May 31, 2019

Another one of our Accessible For All holiday activities. Everyone had an amazing morning at the wonderful Absolute Music Trust. I was lucky enough to sit in on a session and was literally blown away with how much the children got out of this.

As part of our Accessible For All holiday programme we had a yoga class.
A massive thank you to the wonderful Ali from Yogarama who ran our yoga class yesterday. We had this lovely message from one of our mums .. ‘Hi patsy just wanted to say the yoga session today was amazing we loved it Alicia’s was so relaxed and calm favourite bit was feather tickling and blowing.

This was the message from Ali…’We dont feel like winners everyday but today I won the jackpot! Had the absolute privilege of spending the morning with such beautiful children and their amazing adults. The smiles, giggles and thumbs up has made my day. Thank you ‘ well that was a success then!

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