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The Dorset Children’s Foundation Football Team (DCFFC)

August 22, 2019

As part of the local charity’s Accessible for All initiative they launch their first ever FA registered football team for children with disabilities DCFFC!

Open to children with varying levels of disability, the new team was revealed by the local charity at their family fun day and is sponsored by local business Health-on-Line.

The Dorset Children’s Foundation (The DCF) have started an initiative to make sports and fun activities fully accessible for the children that they support as there is a lack of provision in the wider community for these opportunities for disabled children. The DCF are striving to change this.
The event was well attended with many of the charity’s supporters and dignitaries from the FA, Ambassador’s: professional Boxer Chris Billam-Smith and Scott Howell who was the also the DJ. A great time was had by all to mark this fantastic occasion.

One of the charity’s sporting Ambassadors and world famous Netball player Giva Mentor said: ‘Although I’m the other side of the world. I often say you can take the girl out of Bournemouth but you can’t take Bournemouth out of the girl. I’m proud to call this beautiful destination home and I’m more honoured to still have special connections with my home town and county of Dorset. That’s why being an ambassador to the DCF is so special to me. Sport has provided me with not just opportunities, but the environment to better myself and meet amazing people. That’s why it’s exciting to hear the partnership with FA as the easier we can make it for our young people with a disability the better the community will be.’
Siblings and parents are encouraged to get involved at these events so the whole family can get out and enjoy being amongst friends where their needs will be catered for. For example, the charity provide a sensory area for children to escape to if they are overwhelmed and relax in a quiet soothing place.

Patsy Hallmey (Co-Founder) said: ‘We are thrilled to be able to offer these events to our children and their families. It doesn’t stop there and we have started to run a range of inclusive events such as: swimming, cricket, yoga, family fun days, craft afternoons, all ability discos, soft play, sensory sessions and music therapy, to name but a few.’
If you would like to learn more, donate or get involved please visit
The lovely photo’s are courtesy of Oak Photography.

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