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What we’ve been up to: May 2022

May 1, 2022

26th May

Dan McEvoy was part of Good Morning Britain top story this morning, commenting on the goverments plans to help families during the cost of living crisis.

Dan got to experience being interviewed for live TV and he did so well, with only minor blunders that are expected when the camera is fixed on your face and you know you are being filmed and millions of people are watching you right now. Even still, he managed to keep his calm and spoke very eloquently.
We do hope the government has listened and really do take everyone into account in their plans to help people with cost of living crises. People who has to rely on electric medical equipment, unpaid carers, people in low income…

Dan was also interviewed for ITV News, which will be out later on today.

30th May

Our Accessible for All programme of activities just became even more accessible! Today we road-tested our new ‘pop-up’ changing facility at Slades Park. We invited families to come along for a relaxed picnic in the park, something so many take for granted, but we know even a simple trip to the park can be cut short for many of our families who require the use of proper accessible changing facilities. Our events team are working with the parks department to encourage more of our families to use the parks and we will be ‘popping-up’ in parks throughout the summer

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