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October 29, 2020

Times are very tough for us all but we hope you can support some of the most vulnerable children in our community ?
During the 12 weeks of lock down we sent out weekly ‘ bags of happiness ‘ to over 260 families who have a disabled child.
We are going to do the same for our families this Christmas too.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers Mai and Marie for helping us put together our Christmas bags of happiness and to Asda Community Champion Nicky Pelling for donating 50 advent calendars & Hot Radio for just being amazing .
No matter what happens we are determined that the children we support will have a really good Christmas.

We would be so grateful if anyone could help us please as we are looking for advent calendars, make your own cards and decorations, elves on the shelves, cake mixes and small new toys. These will be delivered over a 3 week period by elves, fairies and even Father Christmas himself so we can build up some excitement.

From Thursday the drop off points won’t be open so could you save goods for us or donate below. As usual EVERY SINGLE PENNY RAISED WILL BE USED FOR THE CHILDREN WE SUPPORT.
Thank you for your generosity and support.

Any questions please email

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